"What Bob Danon is doing at CHARLIE'S COFFEE HOUSE in Wilmette, is the most exciting thing to happen on the North Shore in generations. He is in a very real sense creating an ongoing musical sensation that recalls the legendary days (and nights) of the Earl of Old Town."

-Rick Kogan of The Chicago Tribune and the WGN Radio Show, SUNDAY PAPERS
May 15, 2005

"Here we are on a Saturday night at Charlie's, which feels suspiciously like a real folk club. I know that sound. That's a folk music club sound. A sound from before the Modern Era, before wife and kids and life insurance. How very strange. How very great. A folk music club in 2005."

-Tom McNamee of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
May 30, 2005

The night the music died...

CHARLIE'S COFFEE HOUSE was sold on July 09, 2007. It is no more.

(It is now a restaurant called Gilson's, with no live music. We wish the new owners well.)

In the meantime, keep subscribing, keep checking us out and if everything goes well, I hope to be able to offer a new and unique music venue, sometime early in 2008.

I am also planning a concert in the spring which will feature 12-15 of the very best musicians who ever stepped onto CHARLIE'S stage. All proceeds from that concert will go to the Kira Arney Fund at CHILDRENS'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. Monies raised are specifically directed towards pediatric cancer research. If you have already donated to that cause, you will get first crack at the tickets when they are offered. If you would like to make a donation, or are interested in learning more about the Kira Arney Fund, please go to:


I can not express enough, my gratitude to all the fine people who supported CHARLIE'S, for the three years we were in Wilmette. And my most sincere appreciation to the great musicians who graced our small stage. They, and you, all made CHARLIE'S a better place. Thank you all so much...,

Bob & Charlie


To request musical event notification, e-mail: rcd@javacharlie.com

1126 Central Ave.
Wilmette, IL 60091

847 256 5617

CHARLIE'S COFFEE HOUSE of Wilmette offering
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