Robert C. Danon / M2M - The Kira Arney Fund
September 04, 2007

Dear Friends:

Kira Arney was thirteen years old. Her eyes were bright,her smile was winning and her heart, well her heart, was as big as theycome. She cared so much for those around her, wanting them to bestrong, to carry on... On July 31, 2006, after a two year battle, Kira died ofa malignant brain tumor, at home with her family around her. She was theeldest daughter of a Wilmette family I have come to know and admireand, at times, cry for.

Kira Arney was the toughest kid I ever met. Yes, I'm quite sure therewere terrible moments behind closed doors... Moments of discomfort andpain when all seemed lost, but Kira, on the outside, made usall feelbetter. She gave us courage, she gave us hope, she, gave us that greatsmile. She did her best to ensure a normalcy in her life that was morethan admirable, it was most heroic. She carried on in her day-to-daylife with courage and perseverance until the end.

There are many wonderful causes we can support. There are, certainly,numerous and worthy cancer research funding causes. But today I amasking you to support this one because it is about children; it's abouttheir future, it's about our future. Pediatric cancer research needsyour help.

At the Falk Brain Tumor Center at Chicago's Children's MemorialHospital, they see more children with brain tumors than any otherhospital in the Midwest. There, they are committed to participating ininnovative investigations and treatment protocols for childrensuffering from brain tumors. Nationally, less than 3% of all government-fundedcancer research dollars goes to pediatrics, and unfortunately only asmall percentage of that funding is used for brain tumor research.

Children are not supposed to die before their parents, but Kira Arneydid. Other children have, and other children will. Kira, like manyother children, came to understand that it would take a miracle for her tosurvive and she never gave up hope. My hope is that you will think ofKira or others you have known, or others you have heard of, and make adonation to the future.

As some of you know, I am in Europe, kayaking (the kayak will bechristened The Kira II) around the island of Crete off the southerncoast of Greece, in an attempt to bring more attention to thisfundraising effort which is so near and dear to my heart. I am hopingthat if I can do this, and at the same time, bring attention to a causethat keeps hope alive for children around the world; then you too canjoin in the fund raising for pediatric cancer research, by making adonation. I'm hoping my small effort, along with this letter, willawaken a sleeping giant in you and those you know, to make acontribution to this important cause. If you can find it in your heartto send something, anything, please do. The future of our children isthe future of the world. I appeal to you in the very strongest sense,please help support pediatric cancer research. It can only bring good.

Most thankfully,

Bob Danon

P.S. Please feel free to forward this appeal on to your friends.

Donations may be sent directly to Children's Memorial Hospital, 2300 Children's Plaza, Box 4, Chicago, IL 60614.

Please make your checkpayable to Children's Memorial Hospital and include the code KA-M2M onthe Memo line to ensure the money is credited to this fundraiser.

Donations may also be made online at www.childrensmemorial.org/friends/foundation/M2M.asp

Tara Noronha
Circle of Friends
Children's Memorial Foundation
2300 Children's Plaza, Box 4
Chicago, Il 60614